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Courage | Art Cushion | Throw Pillow

Courage | Art Cushion | Throw Pillow
Created from the original painting 'Courage', this beautiful throw pillow will not only make a great décor piece for any room of your home, but it will be a daily reminder to never give up, hope keeps believing. 'Courage is not the absence of fear, but the determination to live beyond it’s limitations'.

I read somewhere that orange is the colour that represents courage. Courage is what soldiers need to fight in the war or what firemen use to rush into burning buildings; But sometimes courage looks like the strength needed to face tomorrow. Sometimes courage is what is needed to make it through today. Hope keeps believing.

- Size - 46cm (18")
- Material - Silky Faille: soft, silky, luxurious.
- Print on both sides.
- Nylon zip on bottom.
- Art cushions are handmade, unique design.

- Created from the original painting.
- Cushion cover only (no fill)