‘What oxygen is to the lungs, such is hope to the meaning of life’ (Emil Brunner).


What is the colour of hope? I have been pursing this question for some time. What causes the individual to believe that things will get better, and to keep believing despite the circumstances and obstacles? I have run art workshops and online surveys to answer this question, and during my pursuit I have found that although there are some colours commonly associated with a sense of hope, every colour has been suggested as representing hope to someone, at some stage in their life. It is a personal response and subject to an individual’s circumstances, history and cultural association.

For me, my colours of hope are related to an expression of faith. Art is spiritual, it carries the intention for which it has been created and this collection of paintings have been created to encourage the soul and to inspire the spirit. Each painting has been inspired by the beauty of colour and texture and sometimes the deeper revelation of spiritual truth.

We, as a society are consuming despair at an alarming pace. With everything we watch, read, listen to and talk about, we digest destruction and disaster. We are being driven by fear and this constant state of fear is making us sick, both mentally and physically. The pursuit of this collection is to make art that creates space to breath, to be enriched by the colour and the hope that each painting expresses, and to leave in a better state of heart and mind. It is a revolutionary act, an act of defiance, to inspire hope through colour and beauty in the face of global despair. I trust that your life will be enriched by this experience of my art, Cheers Froyle Neideck

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