• Whose idea was this?

    I was moved with compassion, that's how all this started. I had just recived my first 'Hope' scarf, printed with perfection, soft, beautiful, truly glorious. Nana had cut the fabric in two pieces, hemmed the edges and added the 'care instructions', I had them in my hands and then I received the messages. Two of them, the very next morning. One from a friend whose sister was going into surgery with a brain tumor and one from another friend, whose friend they knew, was given only weeks to live, dirty cancer. 

    How could I not respond when the need was so great, the pain so deep and life so valuable. This is not right all this suffering and pain. So I decided to send the two scarfs on assignment. Sent with love, prayer and hope. It was not a big thing, but it was something. It was what I had in my hands.

    That was nine weeks ago! We just kept making them and sending them. Two, then six, twelve and by the end of the first month, we had sent out thirty! The requests just found their way in and my friends started to sponsor the vision. But there were now things I had not considered when I started.

    Every week the scarfs require being prayed for, after all, this is the source of the power! I had not thought past the moment of my first initial passionate act. Now I was in a ministry team of incredibly fired up passonate lovers of God, who believe to see His presence and power released on the earth. It really is amazing! And there is the cost. 

    It was important to me for the scarfs to be free. The gospel of Christ is free, salvation and healing is received. I want that annointing to permeate the scarfs and I want it to be received freely. No strings, no conditions, no agenda. You don't have to 'like' me, be my 'friend' or follow me on twitter. But of course it does cost. The fabric cost, the postage cost, sewing the material costs. And another thing I did not consider when I started this, was that it would take me half a day to wrap each scarf, label, package and post them, especially when last week when we sent out 26! Twenty six in one week, that's a whole lot of love!

    Whose idea was this? I can't tell you that I heard a booming voice from heaven with these instructions, I can't even say I gave it much thought, I was just moved with compassion and I know right now this feels right to be doing. When we hear someone say, 'I felt love flood over me' or that when they wrapped the scarf around their arm the pain left, in these moments I know it is right.

    It is right to love, to give, to care. We are giving people an opportunity to 'pay it forward', to sew into someone else's life, to remind people that love matters, life is precious and God is an active participant.

    Last weekend we were at the Woman's Lifestyle Expo, where we took the scarfs out of my lounge and into the public arena. We had some on display, along with our Colours of Hope paintings, art cushions, purses and bags. But the scarfs were not for sale and on the first day everybody wanted to buy a scarf!

    For some of the people hearing our story about the scarfs on assignment, was like a breath of fresh air, as they wrote down the names of their sick loved ones. For others, it took quite a while to understand that they were not for sale, but could be sent and lots of women wanted to buy them.

    Whose idea was this? I could have sold a ton of scarfs! Seriously, I was doubting my resolve, but then by the end of the day we could see the incredible respose. These were strangers, who we offered to send their friends and family a beautiful scarf to inspire hope and healing. No strings attached, no payment plan, just love. It is grace, the grace of God and we could see the impact on their hearts right in front of us. This has no monetary value.

    There was one lady who was Nana's age. She shared with us that she had breast cancer and had the full surgery. She had no hair, was very ill and extremely tired. Nana wrapped a Hope scarf around her neck and encoureged her. She was overwhelmed, she could hardly speak and we may never see her again. But I am pretty sure, when she looks at that beautiful scarf, she will remember she is loved.

    This is a revolution to inspire hope through colour and beauty in the face of global despair. It may not be a big thing that we are doing, but it is our thing and we are making a difference in the world one person at a time.

    If you would like to join the revolution you can send a scarf or sponsor the scarfs HERE

    Thank you for allowing me to share the story with you, 
    much love, cheers Froyle
    and of course the Colours of Hope Ministry Team!

  • Love beyond Measure

    Two weeks ago we sent a scarf to a young lady who had lost her husband to suicide. This is her response to receiving the scarf on assignment.

    "I had asked the Lord for a sign, some days ago. I prayed for some kind of confirmation that I am not alone as I have been feeling. I asked for some symbol of His presence, some form of proof that He can hear me, that He is with me. Since my beloved husband's death, I have endured a deep, hollow emptiness that is too hard to put in words. My faith was rocked and I was scared the Lord could not hear me. I was scared He had left my life, as my husband did.

    My trips to my mailbox of late have been further depressing. I have had so much to take on in the wake of the recent tradgedy. Suffice to say, I no longer look forward to checking the mail, until...
    I grabbed the mail on my way to ballet class, I had arrived a little early for dance, so I thought I would open this curious package. With a heavy heart I tore it open.

    I unravelled a magic scarf! The moment I put it in my hands, something wonderful and warm flooded my soul. Reading the cards that came with it, brought me genuine joy, it felt like the Lord Himself had sent me some mail. Suddenly, His presence was so palpable there, surrounding me, I instantly felt brave, protected, loved and for the first time in a while, I felt a great light shining down on me. With these sensations also came a feeling of calm assurance. Such peace came over me.

    Everytime I wear it, I feel beyond empowered. I wore it to my private ballet class and I felt so thoroughly blessed, my heart was bursting. Needless to say, I can feel God's love for me within this scarf, it is the sign I asked for, the very confirmation I had been yearning for. The timing was incredible. When I touch it or wear it, I can feel the love of God's people that helped the scarf come to me. I can almost hear the Lord smiling. I am unable to properly express the extent and depth of my gratitude".