• Healing Starts at Home

    This is Nana. She does have a name, Helen and Nana is my mum, but everybody calls her Nana!

    Nana was siting on her couch, where she had dropped off to sleep. I rang her and the sound of the phone gave her such a fright, that she fell off the couch, hit her side table, sent her glass of wine flying and she landed on the floor with the smashed glass. I

    thought it was pretty funny when she told me, but Nana had hurt her arm in the landing and she was not laughing! Groaning in pain, laying on her bed later, she looked up and saw the scarf that had been prayed on for her. She thought to herself, "well, I have nothing to loose" and so she wrapped the scarf around her throbbing arm. Nana says within five minutes the pain left and she hasn't felt it again!

    Now Nana doesn't jump to conclusions and not one to make a fuss, she wanted to be sure she was healed. So she squeezed her arm and pushed on it looking for the pain, nope, it wasn't there it had gone!

    This is very good news, because Nana is the one making all the scarfs that we send out on assignment and her testimony is real, her experience is authentic and this is very powerful for the atmosphere of faith in which she sews. Everything we send, goes out on assignemnt with love, to encourage people, to inspire hope and to release the presence of God.