• Faith Has No Age Limit

    My 10 year old daughter had been suffering with extreme anxiety and fear to the point where she would not let me out of her sight. She became very discouraged and feelings of hopelessness consumed her waking hours. Most days she would cry out of fear that 'these tormenting thoughts would never go away'. One night she saw us praying over the Colours of Hope scarfs, after the meeting she asked; 'do you think I could have one of those?' I arranged a scarf with Froyle and within a few days my daughter was the proud recipient of a Colours of Hope scarf!

    That night she placed it on her pillow until it came time to go to bed. Once she was in bed the scarf was clutched in both hands and held to her chest all night long! Since receiving the scarf, it has remained her most treasured possession and one which she MUST sleep with every night. The transformation in my daughter is nothing less than a miracle of God. All fear, discouragement and hopelessness has completely gone. I know, as her mumma, that the prayers and heart behind the scarf has been the catalyst to bring a new found hope and joy to my little girls life. When I consider where she was emotionally, just 6 months ago, I am astonished at the healing that has taken place.