• Sending Hope Receiving Love

    'Hi, I'm Libby Myers from Archdale, NC, USA and I received one of your lovely scarves a few weeks ago by way of my friend Trish Birskys. The scarf came at just the right time which was Gods time. I was going through an episode with an illness I have, Multiple Sclerosis and it was just what I needed to feel like I was wrapped in God's hands.

    The one you sent me was about courage and so it was so appropriate for my life at this time. I was so touched by this beautiful work of art and that Trish sent me this at a time in my life that it was so needed. You probably don't know this, but I have never met Trish we have only grown to know each other through Facebook by way of mission work I'm involved with in Lithuania. It's amazing how God works to place people on this life journey.

    God willing I will get to meet Trish next summer when she hopes to join our mission team in Lithuania, and just so you know I will be wearing the scarf when I meet her.

    Thank you for your ministry and what you are doing to build God's Kingdom. May God Bless You with His Grace and Peace, Libby Myers'