• Divine Orchestration

    This week I heard a story about the impact of the scarfs that I just have to tell you!

    Three months ago, my friend Vikki sent a scarf on assignment to her friend Wendy. When she received the parcel in the post, she did not know where it had come from, what it was, or who had sent it. She opened it up and felt this wave of love flood over her and she instinctively wrapped the scarf around herself.

    This was so exciting for me to hear because I had been believing for the tangilbe love of God to permeate the atmosphere with each scarf we send and I have always wanted to literally wrap my art, in all it's colour, love and God intention around people.

    Anyway, Wendy had to move house and she wasn't very happy about this. She did not want to move and did not like the new place that she had moved to. She did however befriend the neighbours next door who were a lovely elderly couple.

    This week the neighbours next door received a scarf in the post. It had been sent to Ian because he is struggling with cancer. He did not know where it had come from or who had sent it, but it blessed him and his sweet wife with the knowledge that someone had prayed for them. Someone had sent, in the mail, something beautiful to remind them that God cares for them.

    Wendy was so excited when she saw the Colours of Hope scarf arrive next door, because she thought, what is the odds that out of 23 million people in Australia, the person next door to her would receive one of these beautiful prayer scarfs? They did not know who had sent it or what possible connection there was between them, but it made Wendy recognise that God had orchestrated something divine and that had encouraged them all.

    Wendy is now at peace with the move she so hated, and realises that it has more purpose for her life than she first thought; And purhaps the elderly couple next door may become good friends. Ian and his wife are encouraged because God loves them and somewhere out there are a group of people who care enough to send some hope in the form of a beautiful scarf.

    I looked up my records (I document everything) and found that there was no connection between the two people who sent the scarfs on assignment. It was a random coincidence, out of 23 million people, two neighbours received a scarf sent from different people, at different times and for different reasons. Or it was divine orchestration? God showing us that He really is in control and He can use whatever situation He wants, to show us that He loves us and cares about our lives. 

    It's a pretty cool story!
    Have a great week,
    Cheers Froyle