• Sending Courage... Receiving Love

    Recently we sent a 'Courage' scarf (via a friend) to a lady in Melbourne. She was telling my friend about her experience. She found this strange packet in the postbox and having no idea what is was or where it had come from, she said that as she opened it, a wave of love rolled over her and she immediately wrapped the scarf around herself.

    This is very exciting for two reasons. Number one, this is the very thing that I had set out to achieve, to wrap people in my art. In all the colour, love and presence of God that is released through my creativity; and number two, this is a testimony for what we have been praying and believing for. That the person who receives the beautiful scarf would experience an encounter with the presence of God and they would feel loved, known and definetly valued. I am so excited because it is now real. Hearing a stranger talk to someone else about their real experience, takes what I imagine to be possible and shifts it to the realm of reality. It was said without any prompting or coaxing, it was an authentic response to something we have imagined, declared and believed for.

    This is the very least that we are expecting to happen with our scarfs on assignment. At the very most, the heavens could open up, angels could descend and supernatural healing and restoration could take place, but at the very least, the person feels loved and this is no small accomplisment.

    To be loved is an absolute necessity of the human heart. It is vital for a healthy life. To be valued and affirmed is crucial to be able to love oneself and to love others well. The scarfs are a reminder that you are known, you are valued and that not only does God love you, but there is a community of people who believe in you as well.