Art Cushions


The 'Colours of Hope' Collection of art cushions features the work of contemporary visual artist Froyle Neideck. Froyle's art is intentional. She definitely has an agenda. She wants to make people feel good. It’s not complicated, she wants to release peace, joy, love, into people’s lives through art. There is a world full of heartbreak, Froyle wants her art to inspire hope through colour, texture and the Spirit from which she creates.

From the original paintings, Froyle has designed and printed fabric that is then made into beautiful art cushions. It is art as a cushion and the material is soft, luxurious and of the highest quality. Each cushion has been handmade, a beautiful original artwork and often a one off creation. They are created to inspire, with such intention (& titles) as Hope, Grace and Freedom.

It is a family affair, as Froyle has partnered with her mother Helen in this new pursuit. Helen sews all of the art cushions, and as Froyle describes, it is “old school craftsmanship”. Original paintings can be purchased (or designed) with art cushions to match, to fill your home with colour and beauty and to create an atmosphere that inspires hope.