A revolution of inspiring hope through colour & beauty in the face of global despair.

My name is Froyle Neideck, I am a professional visual artist and I have been painting and exhibiting for twenty years, in-between raising my family and pursuing life. I want to tell you a story about hope, colour and great possibilities.

Last year my cousin Evana went through the horrific ordeal of breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy and all the treatment that aligns with this procedure. My mum, Helen, decided to head over to Perth, Western Australia, to help Evana’s husband and four children cope with the illness. Helen loved them, served them and looked after the household while Evana had her treatments. When it was time for her to come home, Evana wanted something to remember the experience she had spent with Aunty Helen and so she decided to buy one of my paintings called ‘Grace’.

Art is spiritual, it carries the intention for which it has been created. My art is intentional, I definitely have an agenda, I want to give people an encounter with the presence of God. I want to release peace, joy, love, into people’s lives through art. There is a world full of heartbreak. I want my art to inspire hope through colour, beauty and the Spirit from which I create. 

The painting ‘Grace’ was inspired by Psalm 23 and it is an expression of the rest, provision and peace of God. 'You have bedded me down in lush meadows, you find me quiet pools to drink from. True to your word, you let me catch my breath and send me in the right direction. Even when the way goes through Death Valley, I'm not afraid when you walk at my side, Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life’ (Message Bible). This is the revelation of God's nature that Evana needed to experience at that moment and it made me think; What if I could take the painting off the canvas and literally wrap her in the art? All the colour, beauty and purpose could physically surround her. It is this pursuit that has birthed the Colours of Hope Collection.


We have literally taken my richly coloured paintings off the canvas and printed them onto fabric, which is then made into beautiful art cushions. It is art as a cushion and the material is soft, luxurious and of the highest quality. Each cushion has been handmade, a beautiful original artwork and often a one off creation. They are created to inspire - with such intentions (and titles), as Hope, Grace, Freedom and Furious Love.

Why Cushions? Recently I had someone ask me why am I making cushions and what does that have to do with hope? Cushions are soft and comfortable, they can be squeezed, laid on, cuddled and they look beautiful. We hold them to our chest in an embrace, or we lay on them, releasing the Spirit filled intention to our head or our heart. Colour is healing. Surrounding ourselves with beautiful things makes us feel better, makes us happy and this makes us hopeful. What you surround yourself with will create an atmosphere in your home and lives, so choose to surround yourself with hope. 

It is a family affair, as Helen (mum) has partnered with me in this new pursuit. Helen sews all of the art cushions and I describe it as “old school craftsmanship”. Each and every one designed has been created with the highest integrity and quality and often the cushions are unique works of art in themselves, as Helen makes different designs, sizes and shapes with each one she creates. Along the journey we have made many beautiful things, as we have tried different fabrics and designs. We have created elaborate clutch purses, shoulder bags and makeup purses. They are all unique and beautiful, but I have always been looking for the material that would make the perfect scarf.

Then, after nearly a year, we have finally found it! The perfect scarf material! It is so very soft, it prints sharp and clean and bleeds through to the back side. Finally we have the very thing that started this whole pursuit. We can literally wrap people in my art. I had it in my hands, my first 'Hope' scarf, printed with perfection, beautiful, soft, truly glorious. Helen had cut the fabric in two pieces, hemmed the edges and added the 'care instructions', I had them in my hands this was what I was looking for, this was going to be the item that out sold all of the cushions, purses and bags; And then I received the messages.

Two of them, the very next morning. One from a friend whose sister was going into surgery with a brain tumour and one from another friend, whose friend they knew, was given only weeks to live - dirty cancer.  How could I not respond when the need was so great, the pain so deep and life so valuable. This is not right, all this suffering and pain. So I decided to send the two scarfs on assignment. Sent with love, prayer and hope. It was not a big thing, but it was something. It was what I had in my hands.

In Acts 19:12, the scripture says that fabric touched Paul and the anointing of God was transferred onto the scarves and hankies, and as the disciples sent out the fabric it healed the sick. I know this God of miracle working power and I know that in the name of Jesus, all things are possible (Matt 19:26).

We just kept making them and sending them. Two, then six, twelve and by the end of the first month, we had sent out thirty! The requests just found their way in and my friends started to sponsor the vision, so we kept buying the fabric. We now continue to send scarfs on assignment. Filled with hope and prayers for healing, we are sending out scarfs to people in need. We do not sell them, the vision became much bigger. We send them on assignment, because sometimes there are things worth more than money.

Some people sponsor the vision and at this stage it is mostly by word of mouth. We get requests from people wanting to send a scarf to their sick and often dying friends and family members. We receive a request and we send a scarf. Beautiful, soft, saturated in colour and hope and it arrives in the post to be a blessing and a comfort. It makes people feel loved and valued. It is inspiring hope and releasing healing.

We have heard amazing testimonies of how impacting receiving the scarfs have been. This is a revolution to inspire hope through colour and beauty in the face of global despair. It may not be a big thing that we are doing, but it is our thing and we are making a difference in the world one person at a time.

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